Market to Market Relay Recap


Last Saturday, I hopped in a van with a bunch of strangers. Why? To run the Market to Market Relay! Alex, standing just to the left of my bright blue pants (Ha! Can't miss 'em, I guess.) in the picture above, was one of my college roommates and has recently become a central Iowa racer extraordinaire, but I'd never met anyone else on our team of seven before. Still, when Alex asked me to join the team, how could I refuse? I knew a ...continue reading

I Finished 13.1!

Thank you all so much for your support these past three months! It was a neat experience crossing the finish line with a smile on my face and I’m looking forward to filling you in about it later this week. In the meantime, you’ll find me doing plenty of yoga/stretching and treating myself to a much-needed pedicure. Congratulations to all of the other MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon participants. You looked great out there today! ...continue reading

Help Me Select My Half-Marathon Outfit!

*Crossing fingers* that this stays true, but the weather for Sunday’s MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon is looking glorious. A high of 70°? Perfection! Now that I have a pretty good idea of the conditions, I’m preparing my gear for the day. I’d love your help making the final call for my outfit! Here are the constants for my race day wardrobe: Under Armour sports bra Nike headband Mizuno Wave Enigma sneakers Fuel Belt And the ...continue reading