Southwestern Stuffed Peppers


Now that we've taken a trip to Italy, let's head south of border! Tuesday night, right after I posted my Pizza Pasta Stuffed Peppers, I decided to round up a few of my favorite ingredients to develop a new, slightly more substantial take on the recipe. Thanks to a handful of black beans and some hearty quinoa, this just-spicy-enough meal has more than double the protein content of its Italian cousin! And since we have an ...continue reading

Pizza Pasta Stuffed Peppers


Sure, you've had peppers on your pizza. But have you ever had pizza in your peppers? My Pinterest feed has been full of Mexican-inspired stuffed pepper recipes, which got me thinking: why not go Italian? Not only is this fresh, nutritious meal full vitamin C and very low in sodium, but it's also super-filling, vegan and totally customizable with your favorite "toppings." Pizza Pasta Stuffed Peppers Serves ...continue reading

Crispy Zucchini Fries


Fair season is here! In fact, the big Iowa State Fair kicks off on Thursday. Despite living in the state for my entire life (minus two years), I attended the state fair for the first time last year. Not to stereotype, but I think that I can sum it up in about five bullet points: Farm animals The largest gathering of cowboy boots I've ever seen north of Tennessee Rides for the kiddos Concerts, most often by country ...continue reading

Whole-Wheat Peanut, Berry and Banana Bread


If given the choice, would you pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or peanut butter and banana sandwich? Why pick just one? My latest kitchen experiment, inspired by the ingenious Gina of SkinnyTaste, combines all of these flavors into one tasty bite. You don't even need two slices of bread for this one. But I wouldn't blame you one bit if you cut two pieces (or maybe three) for a twist on traditional dessert! Or how ...continue reading

Summer Squash Pasta Toss


When I was growing up, my favorite restaurant order was chicken nuggets and fries. Brown and brown, with a side of red (ketchup). True story: I'd eat this nearly every day. Thankfully, my tastes have expanded a bit as I've grown. This is especially good news now during the summer since I live very close to one unbelievable farmers market. I took full advantage of that fact this weekend and was inspired by all the bright colors to ...continue reading

200-Calorie Vegetarian Taco Salad


1,390. That's the number of calories in a fully loaded chicken taco salad from a popular Mexican chain. It's also roughly equival to the amount of calories a 125-pound person would burn running at a 10-minute mile pace for 15 miles. Now I'm not saying that you need to think about exercising off every calorie you eat, but I could think of a lot more fun ways to eat nearly 1,400 calories! (It is ice cream season...) The main ...continue reading