Running Comeback Playlist!


As I mentioned on Sunday, my podiatrist and arm orthopedist both told me I may be able to jump back into (at least a little) activity around Labor Day. I'm itching to get back to running, yoga, biking, strength training, etc.—I'm sorely missing my main form of stress relief! While I stick with walking and dream of the return of my regular workouts, I put together a fun workout playlist inspired by my little accident and my subsequent ...continue reading

That One Time I Was Hit By a Car…


As you may have guessed by my lack of posting (or heard, perhaps), my much-anticipated Million Dollar Marathon leg didn't quite go as planned. Buckle in—this might be a long one! After a very sweaty hot yoga bootcamp class, I attended a super-inspiring event as the marathon crew rolled into town last Tuesday. I met up with my teammate and new pal, Ashley, and we cheered as three women carried the baton into a big celebration ...continue reading

Your Healthful Hints (November 16)

I know time’s at a premium for you too these days with the holidays (amazingly!) right around the corner, so let’s get right to it. Here are your three quick tips for a healthy week! 1. Drink a glass of H2O. Whether you’re looking to avoid a parched mouth or want to simply stay hydrated from the inside out, sipping on plenty of water is a great idea. And new research reported in The New York Times says that the old ...continue reading