Meatless Monday Dinner: Pizza Polenta Parfait


Have you ever eaten polenta? Prior to this kitchen experiment, I'd only had it as a side while eating out. Polenta is just cornmeal cooked into a paste with water or stock, which can be eaten as-is or baked, fried or grilled. You can find it in grocery stores in tubes or make your own from boxed cornmeal. It's a versatile side since it can take on the flavor of whatever you prepare it with. It's surprisingly light, too! ...continue reading

THE Versatile Veggie Dish You Need to Try this Summer!

Now that I am a true New Yorker, I have set a goal for myself to indulge in the best the city has to offer. One awesome perk? The Union Square Greenmarket, allegedly the “largest and most diverse outdoor urban farmers market network” in America. Despite being in the middle of the “concrete jungle,” there are rows upon rows of vendors selling fresh produce, farm-raised meats and hearty baked goods. Besides piles ...continue reading