What Moves You?

Race Reasoning Men and women may hit their strides for different reasons, research presented at a British Psychological Society conference recently reported. Males thrive on competition, while females appreciate mood boosts and potential weight loss. The researcher canvassed 900 newly-minted marathoners soon after they had finished their first race about why they entered the 26.2 mile gauntlet and asked whether they were interested in ...continue reading

Size Matters

Weighing Perfect Performance Many consider it a big fitness performance boon to be as light as possible—less drag on bikes, less weight to carry while running or less opponent to go up against in wrestling. But a new book is confirming what some athletes have been privy to for years: skinniest is not always best. When you weigh less, you do reduce gravitational pull. In fact, researchers at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut found ...continue reading

Walk Wisely

The Grass is Always Greener… On the other side of the street! It’s wise to be conscious of the side of the street you walk or run on when working out around your town. Why you ask? Pollution apparently congregates on one side of the street (at least in areas with buildings around), according to research done at the University of Leeds, UK. Steer clear of the side that is downwind. Streets that are very close together can have ...continue reading