200-Calorie Vegetarian Taco Salad


1,390. That's the number of calories in a fully loaded chicken taco salad from a popular Mexican chain. It's also roughly equival to the amount of calories a 125-pound person would burn running at a 10-minute mile pace for 15 miles. Now I'm not saying that you need to think about exercising off every calorie you eat, but I could think of a lot more fun ways to eat nearly 1,400 calories! (It is ice cream season...) The main ...continue reading

Rundefeated Store OPEN + More Fit News


Can you believe the week is more than half over already? It's amazing how a three-day weekend throws off your calendar. I'm not complaining about it, of course! I am a little nervous about the upcoming weekend, though...I'm signed up to run a 20K at the Dam to Dam, but my tendinitis has been acting up. Again. I've been cross training and trying to take it easy for the past week or two, but I'm still feeling less than 100 percent. ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special + 5 Slim Cinco de Mayo Recipes


Somehow, we went from spring on Tuesday (top) back to winter on Friday (bottom)—such crazy weather across the Midwest this week! I learned my lesson battling through a windy 6-miler on Wednesday, so I rocked yesterday's long run on the treadmill. It certainly was not the most exciting run I've ever done, but thanks to some new tunes and a couple good podcasts, I made it through 12 miles. My longest non-race run yet! This morning, I'm ...continue reading

Meet Me In St. Louis

This weekend, I popped down to St. Louis to pay my sister Sarah a long overdue visit. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking about the sights, tastes and memories from the trip, but first, here are a few tips about fun places to go/see while in town: To eat/drink… Green Bean:  Order off the menu or create your own salad filled with local ingredients. Royale: Sit inside or outside and enjoy seasonal food and a wide ...continue reading

Healthy Chain Reaction: Panera Bread’s Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad

All of the colors! My Mom and I were shopping the day of my sister’s wedding and needed to grab a quick lunch in the mall food court. Since both of us prefer more nutritious eats, we skipped the greasy Chinese and fried fast food joints and placed our orders at one of my favorites, Panera Bread, instead. The cafe scored bonus points for allowing us to escape the food court for a comfy booth in a less hectic atmosphere! Having heard ...continue reading

Healthy Restaurant Review: Ripe Juice Bar & Grill

As much as I try to not be partial to my New York City boroughs, Manhattan is the place to be for healthy eats. (Case in point: On my two block walk home from the subway to my apartment in Queens, I pass a donut shop, two fried chicken joints, a pizza parlor and a Chinese takeout stop.) So I often grab dinner in Manhattan before heading home after work if I’m not cooking for myself. So I was more excited than is probably reasonable ...continue reading