Healthy Single-Serving PB&J Cake


When I was a kid, "hot lunch" was a steady rotation of rubbery pizza, turkey and gravy over white bread, purple-hued hot dogs and overcooked spaghetti. As a result, my Mom or I packed a brown bag nearly everyday. I can probably count the number of times I bought a hot lunch ticket during my K-8 career on one hand. Since sandwich + fruit or vegetable+ treat (chips, dessert, etc.) was on rotation 180 days per year for nine years, I was ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special + Bestowed Box Giveaway


Happy Sunday! I've spent a lovely, relaxing weekend celebrating my parents' 32nd anniversary (!) after a fun week that included an outdoor concert, a work outing to the Iowa State Fair and plenty of walks to enjoy the picture perfect weather. Hopefully those walks will turn into runs soon after my podiatrist appointment on Tuesday! We'll get to the purpose of the picture above soon. First, here are some links that caught my eye ...continue reading

Brief Book Club Chat: Fed Up With Lunch

Just in time for National School Lunch Week last week, Mrs. Q (aka Chicago elementary school speech pathologist Sarah Wu) released a book spinoff of her popular blog Fed Up With Lunch. School lunch is a captivating topic, in my opinion, since it’s something that nearly everyone can relate to and the issues at play have so much more going on than meets the eye. Soon after Fed Up With Lunch was available I downloaded the book on my ...continue reading

Long Life in Bad Times, Plus a School’s Sweet Eats

Bad market, long life? As a whole, Americans tend to have longer lifespans during times of economic recession and depression, according to University of Michigan researchers who studied data from the 1920s-1940s. They guessed that since more people drive when they are financially in the black, more deaths occur on the roads. Plus citizens have more money to spend more on alcohol and drugs and may work more and sleep less. Critics say ...continue reading