Light Fried Rice


When you grow up in a town of 35,000, you don't come to expect the greatest global cuisine. Case in point: For as many years as I can remember, the local grocery store, Hy-Vee, was voted as the place with the best Chinese food during the newspaper's yearly "best of" poll. It's hard to beat the price—you can get two entrees that come with a huge mound of fried rice, an egg roll and a fortune cookie for less than $6. But the ...continue reading

Crispy Zucchini Fries


Fair season is here! In fact, the big Iowa State Fair kicks off on Thursday. Despite living in the state for my entire life (minus two years), I attended the state fair for the first time last year. Not to stereotype, but I think that I can sum it up in about five bullet points: Farm animals The largest gathering of cowboy boots I've ever seen north of Tennessee Rides for the kiddos Concerts, most often by country ...continue reading

Farmers Market Ratatouille

Hello again! Where did we leave off? Oh yes! I toted home a huge selection of fresh produce from the farmers market and was brainstorming ways to put it to good use. My first thought: some variation of a stuffed pepper. But then I remembered a beauty of a recipe that I had pinned a few weeks ago with the aim of using it as inspiration for my own version of the dish. And, coincidentally, I had pretty much everything I needed on hand. ...continue reading

Trim Your Table: Thanksgiving Sides Mega Recipe Round-Up

Let the countdown begin: Thanksgiving is less than one week away! While it seems like most people have their protein of choice set (be it turkey, a vegetarian option or even a turducken!), sides are generally more flexible territory. Thanksgiving is a special day and it’s more than OK to indulge on occasion, but you can also still make some nutritious choices with all of the same flavors if you and your guests prefer! I scoured ...continue reading

Pop These Chips in Your Cart!

Here’s a fact about me that I don’t believe that I’ve shared yet: Nearly everyday I have an afternoon snack. That’s right…snacking isn’t off limits in my world! I find that the time from breakfast to lunch is no big deal, but if I don’t have a bite between lunch and dinner, I’m usually quite ravenous by the time the third meal of the day rolls around. As often as possible, I try to pack ...continue reading