Protein-Packed Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes


Fun fact: Strawberries are actually not berries. My all-time favorite fruit, since the edible portion is not produced by the ovary of the plant's flower, is an "accessory fruit" and part of the rose family. You know what are botanical berries, according to the official definition? Bananas, avocados, watermelons and pumpkins. Break that fun fact out at cocktail parties. :) Regardless of the classification, it's prime ...continue reading

Sweet and Savory Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite fall foods. They’re very versatile and are an awesome nutrient-packed swap for regular white potatoes (although those can be healthy too, if prepared correctly!). I’ve shared my favorite baked fry recipe here before, and was recently inspired by a Pinterest idea to try something similar, but a even quicker: microwave sweet potato chips! To put my own spin on this concept, I created a ...continue reading

Three Two-Ingredient “Recipes” for One Busy Season!

With shopping, baking, parties and more, it’s easy to just grab one of those all-too-convenient cookies tempting us all at every turn. But if you have an arsenal of simple, satisfying and nutritious options at-the-ready, it will be much easier to make smart choices and save the baked goods for treats! Here are three options that are as easy as A, B…well, that’s it! Two ingredients, less than one minute to prepare—zero ...continue reading

Five Fresh Magazine Bites: June Edition!

June’s health-minded magazines have arrived, and I have sifted through them and uncovered five fascinating facts, which I’m sharing with you today! Read on for more about making smart snacking and clearing up contact replacement. Check the clock! 3:23 p.m. is apparently the time when dieters are most tempted to pick up a decadent treat, according to Health. Being aware of when, where and why you have the most trouble making ...continue reading

Three Reasons (Plus One Recipe) to Try Apples

Fall is rapidly approaching, and that means a new set of seasonal produce will soon be hitting stores and farmers’ market stands! One of my fall faves? Apples. So here are three reasons why you should include an apple a day (or a few times a week) to your diet. 1. It’s National Apple Month! There’s no better way to celebrate the more than 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide than by noshing on one. Check out the ...continue reading

Pop These Chips in Your Cart!

Here’s a fact about me that I don’t believe that I’ve shared yet: Nearly everyday I have an afternoon snack. That’s right…snacking isn’t off limits in my world! I find that the time from breakfast to lunch is no big deal, but if I don’t have a bite between lunch and dinner, I’m usually quite ravenous by the time the third meal of the day rolls around. As often as possible, I try to pack ...continue reading