Holey Rollers

The folks at Holey Donuts were kind enough to include me in their latest blogger contest and I could not be more ecstatic! I first heard about these low fat, handmade donuts from Hungry Girl, and later heard the founder interviewed on Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. Since first hearing about these pastries, I have wanted to try them, but had never gotten around to ordering them. Sadly, right now, Holey Donuts are only available via mail ...continue reading

Twisted Treats

Are you ready for some football? As we speak, the Pro Bowl is commencing and in one week, the Colts and the Saints will face-off for the National Championship! So what does that have to do with health, you ask? Well, with Super Bowl parties galore, the snacking landscape can be a minefield for diet disasters. Pizza bagel bites, cocktail weenies or chips and dip anyone? It’s certainly OK to splurge every so often, as we discussed ...continue reading

Hit the Willpower Wall?

Yes WE Can Now is the time that many New Year’s resolutions (if you made one) hit a stumbling block. The novelty has worn off, the effort seems to hit home and it seems all-around simpler to revert back to the old ways of doing things. So what’s the solution? Hang out with your most self controlled pals, University of Georgia researchers say. A strong will, or the absence of a strong will, can rub off on those around you. ...continue reading

Cheese Please (with giveaway!)

If you’ve been reading Healthful Bites since October, you know that I’m a fan of Fiber Gourmet products. Their fiber-packed, saucy macaroni and cheese is delicious, but sadly, it’s hard to find FG products in my neck of the woods. So I took advantage of my “no shame” personality characteristic and sent the FG team an email expressing my satisfaction with their cheesy mac and intrigue to try other products. ...continue reading