March Madness Playlist + Snacks


Happy March Madness! For a sports fan like me, this is the most wonderful time of the year besides Christmas. I'm a sap for the fun, family time and general good cheer! Back to the point at hand: The 64 teams are now set and hit the courts beginning today! In honor of their athletic prowess and the bass-pumping music that gets the crowds even more into the action, I designed a playlist so we can all sweat right alongside the tournament ...continue reading

6 Things I’ve Learned as a Golfer’s Daughter

I just returned from a weekend full of celebrations for my Dad. He had a birthday last week and a big last day at the office—that’s right, he’s now retired! So Mom hosted him a big bash to honor all of the (very) hard work he put in at the office for 33 years. Besides dedication to his work and family, my Dad has taught me a lot about life through his dedication to golf. Since I’ve shared health lessons from my Mom in the past, it’s ...continue reading