Spring Forward Playlist


Considering the weather around much of the country for the past four months, I think it's safe to say it's been a looooong winter (give or take an "o"). True, there have been colder and snowier winters, but with bone chilling temperatures for weeks at a time, the polar vortex and loads of snow, a hint of spring this weekend is very welcome. Oh yes, and more daylight starting Sunday! In honor of springing forward and the predicted 60° ...continue reading

Spring Training Playlist

Happy first day of Spring! I'm hoping that along with the new season, we'll experience some new weather trends. It's been in the 30°-range all week so far here—how's it feeling in your neck of the woods? Whether you're sweating indoors or out, this hour-long playlist will keep you moving. It's a mix of songs I jammed to on Ragnar (long overdue recap coming soon!), some new discoveries since then and a few older favorites. For ...continue reading

Who Are You Calling Cheater?

I don’t know what your feelings are on fruit juices, but I personally, would prefer to get my produce from food if possible. But the antioxidant load and novelty of pomegranate juice has always intrigued me. So when Ryan from POM Wonderful contacted me about sampling the juice after I met one of his co-workers at FitBloggin’, I knew it was time to give it a shot! After taking a straight swig of the juice, I knew it would be ...continue reading

Season’s Best

No, we’re not celebrating the holidays in April…The spring, and even summer-like, weather has me ready to explore the best offerings at farmers markets and other local produce vendors! Many environmentalists tout the values of shopping local and opting for seasonal fruits and vegetables. But what does that mean?  I’ve dug around on the Internet to find the greatest seasonal produce resources for you. And I would love ...continue reading