Awards Show Workout Game: No Equipment Required!


With the People's Choice Awards last Wednesday and the Golden Globes tomorrow, it's safe to say that red carpet season is in full swing! Considering I'm a music, movie and Project Runway junkie, these events are pretty much mandatory viewing in my book. The surprisingly eloquent speeches, the entertaining performances, the beautiful's all good! What's not so good: Sitting on the couch for more than seven hours straight. ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Dinner, Dessert and a Tank Top Workout


We're finally, frighteningly, approaching the "destination" of my wild Million Dollar Marathon journey—just seven days now! My training has been limited due to some nagging injuries, so thank goodness I'm able to split up the 26.2 into two or three different outings over the course of the day. My three key goals for the week: water, sleep and trying not to stress. :) I'll be back a little later this week with my latest kitchen ...continue reading

Play Time! 30-Minute Outdoor Circuit Workout

The days are getting warmer and lasting longer, meaning it’s an ideal time to put your gym membership on hold (or put your exercise DVDs on the shelf) and take your workouts outdoors! The only problem with this plan: Running, walking or biking for miles on end can quickly get boring, and the muscles you challenged with the free weights and/or machines might not get as solid of a workout if you fall into a cardio rut. My solution: ...continue reading

7 Fun Plank Variations and #PlankADay May Wrap-Up

May 31 has come and gone, marking the official end of my #PlankADay May challenge. But it was such a breeze, I’ve actually extended the fun and continued doing at least one plank of some sort a day! Why continue—especially since it’s hard to notice a distinct core strength performance difference? It’s such an achievable goal and it sure is fun to have a streak to keep up with. Since I have so many days in a row, ...continue reading

My First Half-Marathon Training Injury—And How I’m Fixing It!

I have a confession to make: I’ve been skipping several of my training runs lately. In fact, I haven’t ran a step since last Saturday. Yes, nine days ago! But I haven’t been slacking on purpose: I’ve been laid up with a malfunctioning foot. :( The story begins just over two weeks ago during a triumphant seven miler. See, I only had six miles on the agenda, but was feeling so good, I talked myself into busting through the half race ...continue reading

Sculpting With Supersets Skipping rest between exercises saves time and boosts your strength in a unique way compared to the traditional weight room rotation! Today’s workout focuses on supersets, which means stacking two or more exercises that challenge the same muscles group in a row with no break in between. I’m sharing a few strength moves for your shoulders and triceps, but this concept can be used for ...continue reading