The Next Fitness Challenge: #PlankADay

When I first began training for my half-marathon, I was worried that after a few weeks, the novelty would wear off and it would get boring, monotonous and no longer fun. But the “Type A” in me loved crossing another run off the calendar and seeing the continual progress as I followed the schedule was extremely motivating! Now that I’ve crossed the finish line, I’ve been brainstorming new fitness challenges to try. ...continue reading

Squat Compound Exercises We all know that cardio is a great way to scorch calories, but doing strength moves (like lunges, step-ups or squats) that engage your larger muscle groups can also get your heart pumping while giving your muscles a varied workout. Today, I have three exercises that engage the upper body muscles while your lower body is performing some variation of a squat—be it the traditional version, a plie ...continue reading

Two Yoga Poses: Upgraded You can’t bash the brain and body benefits of yoga. In fact, the slower pace is often a welcome respite for me after a week of hard core circuits, spin classes and treadmill time. But with my wandering mind and a wild drive to multitask, I occasionally have a hard time setting aside time for the more mellow forms of the “practice” when I could be pushing my strength and cardio ...continue reading

Fit to Be Square We all know the benefits of a well-balanced, square meal. So today, I have a workout that’s based on the quadrilateral! Grab a medium-heavy set of dumbbells, a jump rope if you have one and want to use it and a bit of open space and get ready to sweat and sculpt. The first two moves will also challenge your most important muscle: your heart! While performing the lateral raises, keep your core ...continue reading

Yoga Leg and Core Toners Yoga with benefits! Take a break from our usual strength moves that often require weights with these yoga-inspired toners. They’ll limber you up while challenging your leg and core muscles. Grab a mat if you have it or slip on a pair of shoes so you won’t slide around the floor, and get ready to try these three fun exercises! Are you able to dedicate time to yoga and meditation? Or ...continue reading

A Male P.O.V.: Gettin’ Fit

Today, I’m happy to share with you a guest post from someone with a bit of a different perspective than I do about the wellness world! My dad Bob, a mechanical engineer and avid golfer, recently made his foray into structured gym exercise. Since I’m not nearby to hear the day-to-day stories about his gym time, I wanted to learn more about how he felt about the experience and asked him to share his story here on Healthful ...continue reading