Sunday Morning Special: Healthy Halloween Treats + 10 Half-Marathon Tips

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It's been an absolutely beautiful week here in the Midwest! After a chilly, drizzly Sunday seven days ago (which I celebrated by running outside, naturally), we have been treated to sunny days with temperatures around 70°. That's my kind of fall! On Friday, we had a fun office pumpkin-carving competition, and yesterday, I enjoyed an outing to a local concert and a new video game bar in town. Get this: They were playing American ...continue reading

The Ultimate Endurance-Boosting Treadmill Workout

The bad news: The group fitness instructor training that was supposed to take place this weekend was postponed due to an instructor injury. The good news: I guess I’ll have something to look forward to in early 2013! AND that gave me time to try out a new treadmill workout. Since I moved this summer, I’ve become somewhat of a running snob. Either that, or I had O.D.’d on the treadmill during my time in New York. I ...continue reading

Fitness Face-Off: Treadmill vs. Outdoor Workouts

Most diehard runners would scold me, but so far, I’ve done the majority of my training runs indoors on the comfort of a treadmill. Why? You can’t beat the convenience of being able to walk down one flight of stairs and a hallway to find the gym. Plus, there are these other awesome factors: The console can hold my keys, water bottle and iPhone (for music) rather than me. My fingers, toes and nose stay at a temperature where I ...continue reading

The “Time Flies When You’re On a Run” Treadmill Workout

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all able to enjoy some quality time with loved ones and a few bites of dark chocolate. :) Last Wednesday, 8 p.m. rolled around and I hadn’t done anything about the 3.5 miles on my training plan for the day and was feeling a little less-than-motivated. I was a bit tight from the run the day before, but had a restorative yoga session in the books the next day if I knocked this ...continue reading

Timesaving Treadmill Workout (Just in Time for the Holidays!)

This time of year more than ever, many of us are searching for ways to carve out a few extra minutes in each day. One way to do so? Condensing your workouts by ramping up the intensity so you can get the same sweat in less time. This week’s treadmill workout requires you to pick up the speed a bit more than past plans, but that means you’ll be done sooner—more time for shopping, schmoozing or snoozing, right? If you need a ...continue reading

60-Minute Double Pyramid Treadmill Workout

Sixty minutes is a long time to spend on the treadmill. But if you’re looking for a serious cardio session, I have the fix that will help make time fly! Try my double pyramid workout, named for the time segments and speed variations. You’ll start with a five-minute, slower interval, and work your way up to a one-minute, swift one. Then for a breather, you’ll jog back down the pyramid (stop here for a 30-minute workout) ...continue reading