Sunday Morning Special


Happy Easter, everyone! I'm up in the Twin Cities with my parents visiting my sister, Amy, and her husband, Joe, for the weekend. As you can see above, we've enjoyed some fun family time (yes, friends, I'll finally know what you're talking about when you refer to Settlers of Catan) and tasty meals. Bonus: It's starting feeling like spring is here to stay. *Crossing fingers* To celebrate, let's check out some warm-weather-friendly ...continue reading

The Best of The Twin Cities

I love my sisters. They’re funny, smart and inspire me to strive to be better each day. One of the greatest things about being back in the Midwest is being within driving distance of both of them! I visited Sarah in July (just to hang) and August (for The Color Run), so now it was time to pay Amy a visit to catch up and see her new condo that she shares with her great husband, Joe! The 10K race she was planning to run that ...continue reading