Round Out Your Workout I often focus on a particular body part or piece of equipment, but for the next few videos, we’re trying something new by going shapely. Today, I’m sharing three moves that are circular. Grab a light- or medium-weight pair of dumbbells and get ready to stretch, tone your core and shoulders and strengthen your lower body. Keep those dumbbells in hand for the lunges when you’re ...continue reading

New Shoulder Sculpters Shoulder-baring season is nearly upon us, friends! And in my opinion, it can’t come soon enough :) So that means it’s a perfect time to ramp up your shoulder muscle training! Grab a pair of medium weight dumbbells, a single light dumbbell and a stability ball and join me for these fun shoulder sculptors. (By the way, I’d say it’s probably wise to keep your feet on the ...continue reading

Bosu Upper Body Challenge Last week, we aimed the spotlight on the lower body with the help of Bosu. Today, I’ll use the same piece of equipment to share some of my favorite moves to tone your core and upper body. Focus on keeping your ab and back muscles tight throughout all of these exerciss—that will help make balance and full range of motion easier (at least a bit). And to mix it up, you can complete all of these ...continue reading

Upper Body Stretches For Tech Fiends Moving on up! Well, I don’t know if it’s the lap of luxury, but we do have a new setting for our workout videos today. And a new videographer (a tripod and myself)! Expect more Good for you moves in the future from my new apartment, and probably a few from home sprinkled in so that I can utilize all the great tools my parents have accumulated. :)Today’s exercises require no equipment and little ...continue reading

Weighted Shoulders “It’s getting hot in here,” am I right? You won’t need a thermostat around where I live to tell you that the mercury has jumped recently. But one click glance at the Weather Channel today tells us it’s about 90* F! Certainly feels like summer to me. And during the summer months, many of us pull on tank or strapless tops, skimpy swimsuits or other shoulder-bearing ...continue reading

Total Body Plank Circuit You can actually get a great workout without standing up. I know, this sounds like a bad infomercial claim, but don’t be confused: you will be working and you will sweat!  This video shows you four different exercises on your hands and toes. After getting your heart pumping, you’ll work your shoulders and entire upper body, tone your glutes and outer thighs and finish off with some ...continue reading