What’s Not to Love? Workout Playlist


Happy Valentine's week! Any big plans for the holiday? It should be pretty much business as usual around these parts, except for maybe busting out in a little of this action:  {Source} Thanks to my friend Kim and a Time magazine app she passed along, I now know that if I was on track with my average Facebook friend, I'd be married in 8 months and 9 days. Ha! Rather than dwelling on being behind the curve, I'm counting my blessings ...continue reading

My Top 5 Non-Food Treats

When you finish a week’s-worth of hard workouts or make it through a particularly busy day successfully, you deserve a reward, right? All too often, however, we think of that reward as spoon + pint of ice cream or burger + fries (or your food splurge of choice which may cancel out all of your efforts in the gym). Since you do deserve to give yourself props for a job well done—and show some love with Valentine’s Day ...continue reading

Two Must-Try Light Chocolate Recipes

With all of the running I’ve been doing (OK, it hasn’t been that much yet, but go with me here!), it’s time for a treat. But as many experts tell you, exercising isn’t a free pass to go off the deep end. With that in mind, I tried out two different desserts that taste decadent but won’t blow your calorie budget. Bonus: They would both be a sweet way to please your Valentine! Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies ...continue reading

Concentrating on Chocolate

Valentine’s Day falls on next Sunday. Are you ready? Considering I’m thoroughly single, I don’t have too much preparing to do :) (Except for the Valentine’s Day movie—that looks great!) Even single, it’s fun to celebrate the holiday and all those you love, especially in the middle of the harsh winter. Flowers and kind notes brighten up any day! Many couples celebrate with dinner reservations and ...continue reading