That One Time I Was Hit By a Car…


As you may have guessed by my lack of posting (or heard, perhaps), my much-anticipated Million Dollar Marathon leg didn't quite go as planned. Buckle in—this might be a long one! After a very sweaty hot yoga bootcamp class, I attended a super-inspiring event as the marathon crew rolled into town last Tuesday. I met up with my teammate and new pal, Ashley, and we cheered as three women carried the baton into a big celebration ...continue reading

6 Things I’ve Learned as a Golfer’s Daughter

I just returned from a weekend full of celebrations for my Dad. He had a birthday last week and a big last day at the office—that’s right, he’s now retired! So Mom hosted him a big bash to honor all of the (very) hard work he put in at the office for 33 years. Besides dedication to his work and family, my Dad has taught me a lot about life through his dedication to golf. Since I’ve shared health lessons from my Mom in the past, it’s ...continue reading

Each participant gets a color packet to toss after the race.

While I’m less than two weeks into my official half-marathon preparations, I’m nearly positive that I’ve already completed my most fun training run. This past Saturday, my sister Sarah and I participated in The Color Run in St. Louis and had an amazing time (as you might be able to see in the above photos. Click on the images to enlarge and see captions explaining each!) We started the 5K in clean white shirts and ...continue reading

Play Time! 30-Minute Outdoor Circuit Workout

The days are getting warmer and lasting longer, meaning it’s an ideal time to put your gym membership on hold (or put your exercise DVDs on the shelf) and take your workouts outdoors! The only problem with this plan: Running, walking or biking for miles on end can quickly get boring, and the muscles you challenged with the free weights and/or machines might not get as solid of a workout if you fall into a cardio rut. My solution: ...continue reading

The “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Treadmill Workout

The title refers to what your fellow gym-goers will be saying when they see you completing this unique, fun routine! Alternating side shuffles with walking intervals is a fantastic way to bust boredom and target your leg muscles from different angles. We all spend so much time moving on a forward plane that we sometimes forget to go side-to-side—like back in grade school when we would gallop! Plus, shaking up your routine may be just ...continue reading

Pop-up stores near Central Park.

As evidenced by the packed New York City streets—well, even more packed than usual—the city that never sleeps also never stops being a great tourist destination! In case you can’t make it this season, I took an active walking day around town (that’s my fitness-y angle ;) ) to capture snapshots of the festive decorations. So even if you’re not fighting the crowds near the Rockefeller Center tree, or its ...continue reading