Magazine Bites

Since I have an unusual affinity for health magazines, I subscribe to nearly all of them. So here are the latest fitness, beauty and nutrition findings that especially caught my eye in July issues of my favorite publications! Cardio intervals not only jack up your calorie burn during the workout, but after, say FITNESS magazine experts noted in the July/August issue. So while you’re hitting the showers and traveling back home or to the ...continue reading

Why It’s Healthy NOT to Make the Bed!

Skip the Hospital Corners Slipping back the covers and sliding your toes under the securely-tucked and properly-made bed sheets is an inviting thought—way more so than a sloppy pile of blankets! But researchers at Kingston University in the U.K. have proven that tiny dust mites find made beds more appealing as well. Apparently, having neatly stacked and tucked sheets makes the bed environment cooler and damper for the bugs, which ...continue reading

Size Matters

Weighing Perfect Performance Many consider it a big fitness performance boon to be as light as possible—less drag on bikes, less weight to carry while running or less opponent to go up against in wrestling. But a new book is confirming what some athletes have been privy to for years: skinniest is not always best. When you weigh less, you do reduce gravitational pull. In fact, researchers at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut found ...continue reading