Opening Up About Anorexia


A few things that made my week: 1. A new initial necklace to replace the one my parents bought me for Christmas that lasted all of two weeks before I dropped it down my sink drain. #clumsybeyondcompare 2. More than 150 of you participated in my Spartan Race giveaway! Congrats to KM Loove—the lucky winner. I'll be in touch today with the code for your free entry! Don't forget that everyone can score 15% off any 2014 Spartan Race ...continue reading

March Magazine Bites (And a Giveaway Winner!)

We have a giveaway winner! But we’ll save that until the end of the post because I love the suspense :) It’s mid-March (can you believe it?), and I’ve sifted through this month’s magazines to discover the most useful tips and bits of information. Now for four facts that especially piqued my interest: Don’t sweat it. Weight Watchers Magazine examined the why and how we perspire, and how individuals vary in ...continue reading

Arctic Zero Winner

Congratulations to the winner of last week’s giveaway, lucky number one, Marcia. You will soon have a six-pack of Pumpkin Spice soon hitting her doorstep! I hope you enjoy Arctic Zero as much as I do :) For all of you who Mr. Random didn’t select, remember that you can try to find some in a store near you here or order pints from Amazon. And if you get around to trying Arctic Zero and like what you taste, record a video on ...continue reading

Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks Winner!

Congratulations to Elaine, who commented with “I would eat anything salty.” Using, I used the number of entries and selected one winner at random. She will receive a case of Fiber Gourmet Lite Cheese Snacks! Elaine, enjoy your crackers!! They will be in the mail very soon. I’ll be back soon with yet another chance for you to win! ...continue reading