Nosh on Five November Magazine Bites

The chillier temps (including some snow!) inspired me to spend a bit more time indoors early this November scouring my favorite magazines for the newsiest bits. So here are five wellness-related facts that caught my eye that will hopefully inspire you to stay healthy all November and beyond! You might see signs for “yam” and “sweet potato” used interchangeably while grocery shopping pre-Thanksgiving. But  FITNESS ...continue reading

Five Fantastic Fall Health Magazine Bites

October traditionally kicks off the holiday season—Halloween rolls around at the end of the month, holiday decorations roll out in stores (if you can believe it!) and Thanksgiving isn’t too far behind. But the healthy habits you’ve been working so hard on since last January don’t have to be put on the back burner. That’s why I corralled these fantastic tips from October magazines that will help you keep portions ...continue reading

Four September Magazine Bites for a Healthier You

When I stepped outside early this morning to head to the park for the FITNESS Mind, Body, Spirit Games, the crisp air made it very evident that summer is over and the cooler, less outdoorsy and more indulgent months are on the way! So while it may be time to retire your swimsuit for the season in most parts of the country, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to put your healthy habits on hold. Keep reading for four fun facts from ...continue reading

Five Fresh Magazine Bites: June Edition!

June’s health-minded magazines have arrived, and I have sifted through them and uncovered five fascinating facts, which I’m sharing with you today! Read on for more about making smart snacking and clearing up contact replacement. Check the clock! 3:23 p.m. is apparently the time when dieters are most tempted to pick up a decadent treat, according to Health. Being aware of when, where and why you have the most trouble making ...continue reading

Farewell to 2010: Magazine Bites

“There are still nearly three weeks left in the year, Karla,” you might be saying. True! But the last issues of the year’s magazines are hitting stands (and the first ones of 2011 will hit stands hot on their tails!), so let’s get to the last speed round of fascinating magazine facts of 2010. Feel better about indulging. You don’t want to eat a whole pie, tin of cookies or cheesy casserole yourself this ...continue reading

Five Fun Facts from October Magazines

Phew! Just made it in time to still post these before the month is up :)  Here are the juiciest nuggets that you may have missed from this month’s health magazines! If you’ve attempted to change your diet but have had trouble sticking to your plan, it may be time to consider arranging your environment so that it’s easier to make more healthful choices. A few expert portion control tips from SELF magazine: 1. Divide ...continue reading