Stress Less Playlist


Guys. Can we talk about the fact that radio stations are already starting their 24-hour Christmas music streams?! Premature, I'd say. But the hectic holiday season IS just around the corner (the falling leaves are a stunning hint). With shopping, parties, travel and more, we could all use a reminder to slow down and just breathe every so often. So to counteract the holiday tunes, I'm sharing my most recent playlist for the yoga ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: 7 Healthy Pizza Recipes + Your Perfect Yoga Workout


Excuse the dorky photo—I just can't contain my goofy smile. I'm back! Not just after a week away from the blog, but back to running. You read that right! After an excellent physical therapy session on Thursday, I was given the green light to try to run again. I went out for a short, jog with no music, no phone, no watch and no buddies on Friday to just tune in to my sore spots (if they popped up) and listen to my footsteps. After 10 ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special + Bestowed Box Winner


Whew! Can you believe it's already Sunday again? I had a full, fun week that included a visit to the farmers market and taking home the world's largest zucchini, a couple medical appointments (hopefully I'll be good to go in another couple weeks!) and a few fun outings to explore some uncharted (to me) Des Moines territory. Today I'm planning to whip up some muffins with all of that summer squash and take a stroll around my neighborhood ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special + 5 Slim Cinco de Mayo Recipes


Somehow, we went from spring on Tuesday (top) back to winter on Friday (bottom)—such crazy weather across the Midwest this week! I learned my lesson battling through a windy 6-miler on Wednesday, so I rocked yesterday's long run on the treadmill. It certainly was not the most exciting run I've ever done, but thanks to some new tunes and a couple good podcasts, I made it through 12 miles. My longest non-race run yet! This morning, I'm ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Health Blog Round-Up


Happy Sunday, everyone! I've had a fun-filled weekend so far—Mom came to town and we enjoyed a nutritious vegan dinner, a traveling Broadway show, a trip to West End Salvage (can I please have one of everything for my apartment?) and a delicious brunch. Today, I'm participating in a fitness fundraiser and joining three others to complete a marathon relay on a treadmill. It should be the perfect, sweaty way to spend the afternoon on this ...continue reading

Overcoming My Top Two Running Roadblocks

My Saturday morning got off to a great, fairly early start this weekend, as I was determined to finally make it to the free weekly yoga session that’s offered at Gray’s Lake Park in Des Moines. I was in town and had a relatively unscheduled weekend, so it was the perfect time! Storms were supposed to be rolling in, but when I woke up and it was still dry, I grabbed my mat and hit the road. Despite the threatening forecast, ...continue reading