That One Time I Was Hit By a Car…

As you may have guessed by my lack of posting (or heard, perhaps), my much-anticipated Million Dollar Marathon leg didn’t quite go as planned.

Buckle in—this might be a long one!

After a very sweaty hot yoga bootcamp class, I attended a super-inspiring event as the marathon crew rolled into town last Tuesday. I met up with my teammate and new pal, Ashley, and we cheered as three women carried the baton into a big celebration downtown.


Clearly, we were meant to be buddies. Matching shades!

I went home that night feeling beyond pumped, and although a bit under-trained, I was elated to finally take my turn carrying the baton that Sunday. (Originally, my marathon was scheduled for July 4, but due to a scheduling conflict, I changed my choice to July 22.)

Fast forward to Thursday…

I logged an extra hour at work to prepare for my upcoming trip, then popped in my earbuds for my usual walk home. Have I mentioned how much I love living within active commuting distance of my office?! I was making a mental list of all the things I needed to pack, jamming to the new J.T. single and walking across a crosswalk when *boom* an SUV turning during the green yield-to-pedestrians-and-cars light didn’t see me. It happened in an instant, similar to when you slip on an icy patch of sidewalk and end up staring at the sky asking, “wait, how did I get here?” The SUV’s tire hit and slightly ran over my foot, which knocked me backwards and onto my side.

The first thought that came to me once I realized what happened: “My foot better recover fast because I have 26.2 miles to run!” My M.O. is to shake things off, so I stood up and actually considered walking home. That is, until my foot wouldn’t stop shaking. The driver, who stopped and was clearly shaken up, kindly took me to the urgent care clinic so I could snag a few X-rays. At this point, I figured I just needed to get the dirt off, give my body an hour or two to chill out and we’d be good to go. But when the doctor saw my injuries (after an hour wait in the office, mind you), he sent me to the E.R. and the slow realization that running and pretty much anything active was off the table for a bit

The evening turned into quite the adventure. Five hours and about a dozen X-rays later, I was blessed to be diagnosed with just a small break near my elbow and a severely swollen and bruised foot.

I’m naturally a very positive person, so I spent most of the next day planning my trip to still cheer on Ashley and focusing on how much worse my injuries could have been. But when a good friend who had also participated in MDM (who knew how much time and effort I’d put into fundraising and training) called on Friday when I was at work, I lost it. The timing of this accident was just so unfortunate and the disappointment and frustration came out.

After that tear-filled minute, I was more certain than ever that this would not bring me down. The splint, sling and boot might slow the pace of my life and force me take a hiatus from running, hot yoga and using my left side as usual for a few weeks, sure. But this unfortunate turn of events will only make each and every run in the future all the more gratifying. Plus, why did I sign up for MDM in the first place? To try to make a difference to those affected by cancer. All the money I raised was still helping this great cause, and if those individuals can endure their grueling treatment, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.


On Sunday, I drove to Illinois to cheer Ashley on as she crushed her first-ever marathon. When she was ready for a walking break, Ashley was kind enough to let me hobble alongside her and carry the prayer flag-filled baton for a half mile. Although I spent most of the day in the van, it was an unbelievable experience. Steve, pictured to my right in the shot below right and one of the most fun people alive, created an event that seems to resonate with everyone. (I wrote more about it on The Fit Stop.) People in towns we drove through stopped the van to ask about it, take pictures and eventually add their prayer flags to the baton. Who among us hasn’t been touched by cancer?


Today, my foot is still somewhat swollen and bruised, but I’m now able to squeeze it back into a real shoe! The elbow is achy, but getting slightly better by the day. After these past two weeks, the motto on my T-shirts rings truer than ever!


Whew! You deserve a medal if you made it this far. Or how about a few morals to this long story?

  1. Look both ways before you cross the street
  2. Even if you are a “silver linings”-type person, it’s OK to allow yourself to get upset when you’re sad
  3. Focus on the big picture

Off to continue with plans for one EPIC comeback. :)

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  1. Oh Karla honey, I’m so sorry that happened!! I was wondering what was going on. Way to keep an amazing attitude. It’s so hard being injured and keeping. Smile on your face. I know all too well from personal experience. I hope you are feeling better and will be back to running really soon!! Are you coming back to AZ for Ragnar with us??

    • You are so sweet, Stacy! Yes, you are one of the absolute best role models around when it comes to dealing with/overcoming injuries. I love how you’ve stayed on track with the ElliptiGo!

      I hope to be back up and running in no time and will definitely keep you posted about Ragnar 2014!

  2. Your positivity throughout this entire experience is contagious – I’m inspired by you in so many ways, Karla! And as a fellow optimist, I know how much being able to just “let it out” is needed sometimes. I’m glad you were able to do that, but not surprised in the slightest that you immediately turned around and cheered everyone on and focused on the bright side. I love ya for that, lady – and I know that everyone else who you’ve met and touched through MDM does, too. You are going to have that epic comeback someday soon and I can’t wait to witness it! Until then, you have SO much to be proud of – cheers to you and all of those who have participated in this great cause!

    • Your comment officially made my day, Jenn. Your more-than-kind words mean so much! Hopefully that comeback will be sooner rather than later…the plotting is already in full force!

      Less than two weeks out, I’m jazzed to be in two real shoes and am planning to resume my walking commute in a couple days. :) Thanks a bunch for ALL of your sweet sentiments and support!

  3. Although I’m super bummed for you, I’m glad you weren’t more injured. That’s so scary!! And I think your attitude is amazing. I’m glad you were able to find the silver linings, although I completely understand needing to have a good cry about it – you know? And it was SO great of you to still go along and cheer everyone on!

    Sorry this is a bit rambly!

    Keep on recovering and I know you’ll still get that marathon in when you’re good and ready!

    • Not rambly at all, Alex! I really, really appreciate your kind words and support. I’m already feeling a lot better and am rearing to get back to all of my favorite activities once I get the green light!

      Can’t wait to hear what you think of your new living situation. Let’s get together again soon once you’re settled! :)

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