The Ultimate Endurance-Boosting Treadmill Workout

The bad news: The group fitness instructor training that was supposed to take place this weekend was postponed due to an instructor injury.

The good news: I guess I’ll have something to look forward to in early 2013! AND that gave me time to try out a new treadmill workout.

Since I moved this summer, I’ve become somewhat of a running snob. Either that, or I had O.D.’d on the treadmill during my time in New York. I completed all of the training runs for my last half-marathon outside, and had only used the super-handy treadmills in my apartment building once prior to this weekend. But with the temperatures falling and snow in the 7-day forecast, I decided it was time to step back on the ‘mill and make it count—without getting bored.

Enter this workout, which can push your speed and endurance limits. As you can see below, you’ll be watching the clock during this routine. But not out of boredom! Time moved surprisingly fast during this workout, even though it was pretty lengthy (I covered about 8 miles). Since that’s the case, I don’t think this full plan will be a mainstay in my weekday workout routine, but this concept would work just as well if you jumped in for the first half of intervals (minutes 0-50) or the second half (minutes 50-76). New to running? Make all the fast intervals a jog, and start with just the last 7 minutes and repeat as many times as you can. It’s a flexible concept: Decrease the time of the interval as you increase the speed.


Begin with a comfortable jog, keeping in mind that you will ramp up the effort as the workout goes along. (Please alter the MPH listings above based on your comfort level—these are simply suggestions based on what felt like a good challenge for me.) You might feel a bit like calling it a day around that 5-minute running interval, but try to dismiss the doubt if you’re feeling physically capable. The rest will feel like cake!

How do you spice up gym workouts?

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