Butt-Blasting Exercises

There are some times—in fact many times—in which you’re without a pair of dumbbells, but still want or need to get in a strength session. That’s exactly why I’m sharing these three butt-blasting moves today! And don’t you worry, toning your booty can come in more forms than the simple (yet super-effective) squat.

Simply find a bit of free space, a stair or small step and bring your balance. You’ll need it for the first exercise! And get ready to work your core while we’re at it. Might as well multitask, right?

This workout is ideal for when you’re traveling too—like I was this past weekend for Fitbloggin (haha, have to love that transition there :) ). But what an amazing event! I met dozens of new pals, heard amazing stories of success and overcoming hardships and was even serenaded for my birthday (thanks, Jenn!). I also hit the stage with some wonderful ladies to discuss taking your blogging skills from a hobby to a career. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read the live blog of the panel here!

Along the Fitbloggin line, what healthy living blog are you a dedicated reader of at the moment and why? Give your pals a shout-out!

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