Top Ten NYC Restaurants (That I’ve Been To…)

This weekend, I decided to compile restaurant reviews from my last blog, Health and the City, for the latest good for you eats post. Last summer, I used Health and the City to chronicle my time in the concrete jungle interning at Fitness Magazine. So why am I aggregating these on Healthful Bites, you ask? I’m packing for a move back to NYC because I’m starting my new full-time job at Fitness on Wednesday!

Despite the stress of packing, finding a place to live and moving away from family, I’m very excited to start a new chapter in my life! I hope to keep blogging here on a regular basis. But please bear with me if I need to take a hiatus if things get hectic ;) 

In past posts, we’ve discussed eating well at restaurants. Now, here are my top ten picks for New York City dining establishments that I have been able to visit so far. I’m sure this list will change plenty in the coming months…but it’s a start and a good way to share my better-for-you picks that city visitors may want to hit up!

FYI: None of these restaurants have given me meals or paid me to say this (although now that I know that they’re all great, I wouldn’t say “no” to another meal ;) ). So you can believe that I am feeding you the straight scoop!

1. Quantum Leap: A go-to joint for vegetarians and vegans, Quantum Leap has killer brunch (my fave: whole wheat vegan apple cinnamon pancakes with fresh fruit)!

A delish veggie burger (Quantum Leap’s specialty!) and salad.

 2. Pump Energy Food: “Clean, healthy food” to fuel your healthy lifestyle. Plus, Pump serves scrumptious Only 8 frozen yogurt for dessert!

3. Better Burger NYC: Fast food flavor and dishes without the grease. Baked fries, vegetarian chili and a very environmentally-friendly store keep many returning!

 (Image from Grace Notes)

Bakes fries from Better Burger NYC.

4. Healthalicious: Nutritious options, with no additives or preservatives, for all meals of the day. The asparagus, mushroom and zucchini ravioli with marinara sure was tasty!

5.Eva’s Health Food: A huge menu, student discount, beautiful location and eclectic crowd (bodybuilders frequent Eva’s, since it has an attached supplement shop) make Eva’s the place to be for an affordable meal near Washington Square Park.

6. Cosi: Not a New York-only restaurant, but Cosi is an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner (mmm…wood oven baked bread). Most locations have Wi-Fi and are study-friendly and nutrition information is posted right on the menu boards! 

7. Viva Herbal Pizza: Vegetarian and vegan slices on inventive crusts (spelt, cornmeal, whole wheat, wheat free) at affordable prices. One slice and a salad surely makes a meal :)

8. The Lite Choice: All-natural, kosher, low calorie and low fat soft serve in a variety of flavors. If they offer a flavor, you can request that they make it for you at any time in one minute!

 (Image from Dori’s Shiny Blog)

TLC soft serve ready for your toppings of choice!

9. Chickpea: Focuses on high quality ingredients without unnecessary added fats, displayed well with the baked falafel. Warm whole wheat pitas and several varieties of flavored hummus will please those who love slightly “Americanized” Middle Eastern food.

10. Recharge: Many lean meat options for you carnivores out there—bison or ostrich anyone? Plus, a “cheat day” menu in case you dine with anti-health food diners.

If you’ve visited New York, what is your favorite restaurant there and why? If you haven’t would you like to visit any of these if you do venture to NYC in the future?

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