“We Thought You Said Dessert!” Ragnar Relay Recap

In what may be the world’s most belated race recap ever, I’m finally getting around to sharing the scoop from Ragnar Del Sol! My girl Jenn and I, along with 10 other amazing ladies, made up team 260 “Run to the Desert? We Thought You Said Dessert!” :) Our crew ran 202 miles across Arizona (I was runner #9, covering 13.5 miles in my first leg, 4.7 miles in my second and 3.1 miles in my final turn). We crossed the finish line in 34 hours 53 minutes and 57 seconds. Success!

Since it was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I made sure to snap plenty of photos, and I’ll let them do the talking today! Next week, I’ll be back with some lessons learned, more details about what happens between your runs and tips for those of you who are considering a relay event in the future.

Click the circles below the images to follow along on the journey!

What is the wildest fitness adventure you’ve completed?

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  1. Love this recap, Karla! It was fun to go back through all the pictures. What a crazy, wild fitness adventure it was! I’m so happy that I was able to experience it with you. Not to mention you did such a rocking job! Come back to Arizona soon, please. :)

    • Ditto, Jenn! I was so glad we were able to Ragnar together–your support through it all meant the world! :) You had an amazing race too. I can still picture you speeding across that bridge near the finish!

      I’d looove to come back to Arizona again soon, especially with the chilly, drizzly weather we’ve been having in the Midwest this week!

  2. Ah, looking over the photos ALMOST makes me want to run it again! Hahaha! I’ll stick with just running along the beach…and only once. hehe! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the race; I know a lot of people would appreciate who will run it in the future! Happy weekend!

    • Ha! Almost. :) That beach run sounds like a dream to me, Melissa! But I’ll stick with just one at a time now, too.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope to catch up more soon!

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