What Moves You?

Race Reasoning

Men and women may hit their strides for different reasons, research presented at a British Psychological Society conference recently reported. Males thrive on competition, while females appreciate mood boosts and potential weight loss.

The researcher canvassed 900 newly-minted marathoners soon after they had finished their first race about why they entered the 26.2 mile gauntlet and asked whether they were interested in completing another one. Men were slightly more likely to desire a return to the marathon world—most cited their desire for a quicker personal best.

Interestingly, the study author said that when she discusses her own marathon experiences with others, men are more likely to inquire about her finishing time, while women ask about how she felt about her race.

But there are some similarities between the sexes. Both men and women desire the boost in pride and a solid race completion time that can come from a marathon well-done.

FITNESS magazine recently published an article with four first-person accounts of women detailing their own catalyst to hit the pavement. The soul-searching, fascinating responses range from finding more “me time” to staying in shape to sparking creativity.

But you don’t have to be a runner to answer this question. What motivates you to work up a sweat? Why do you keep at it day after day? Hit me up in the comments!

 (Image from Women’s Health)

Judging the Lazy

Two people of varying sizes can be doing the exact same thing, but onlookers will judge them differently. Why? Probably size stereotypes, say University of Alberta researchers.

When a slim person is lying down on a couch to watch some TV, study participants guessed that they were resting. On the other hand, when an overweight person is lounging and watching the tube, they are generally perceived as lazy (even though many scientists claim you can be overweight and healthy). The procedure and the study’s implied findings only seem to be somewhat linked, in my opinion, but this still sheds light on an interesting phenomenon that may actually be happening. 

In fact, there are even whole councils and foundations trying to fight size discrimination as we speak. Accessibility, income and respect disparities exist, NOW Foundation says.

So do you believe people are treated differently because of their stature? Do you think this is ever justified?

 Now that’s what I call lazy! (Image from The Energy Standard)

Water cooler conversation starter: in honor of Earth Day this week, I’m highlighting someone who really eats local. In fact, at any time she may just reach down and scoop up a bite! Fan Qianrong, a 48-year-old Chinese woman, has eaten dirt for 40 years of her healthy life. It’s likely that many more people worldwide consume dirt than we think, for possible medical benefits, religion or simply because there’s nothing else to eat. A few experts say adding that minerals in soil may be beneficial to health. 

Would you be willing to swallow dirt if it was promised to give you better health? The whole idea brings new meaning to “dirty mouth!” (Haha, I’m sorry I had to…)

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